About us


Our commitment to construction lies in the supreme materialisation of the new and maintenance of the existing. In a socially acceptable way, we do everything necessary to be the best and for you to be all the more satisfied.

For us, this isn’t just a professional construction imperative. The merciless destiny of the founders of Graditelji svratišta, who on account of the construction of an artificial lake in 1968, together with almost 3,000 other people had to move from their homes in the valley of the Rama River (intersection of Mostar), strengthened not only their personal but also professional commitment.

Because, just as a child might lose its home, it seems that all other homes become ‘inns’ (“svratišta”). And then you decide that everything you build in the future and maintain, must be “more than permanent”.

That’s why we build “our inns” as strong as possible and finish with a preciseness that grows into something beautiful. Hoping therefore that buildings which we construct and maintain, might of their own accord remove any thought that they could in the future ever be “flooded”.

Main points


Today, Graditelj svratišta d.o.o. with its subsidiary companies GS Telekom and GS usluge, employs over 350 workers, has at its disposal over 160 vehicles, extensive construction mechanisation and equipment, and works throughout the whole region of the Republic of Croatia with its offices located in Osijek, Pula, Rijeka and Split.


Business success throughout all these years is the result of knowledge, common work and endeavours, as well as experience and professionalism of all our workers. By continually monitoring technological advances, and continually investing endeavours and resources in renewing structures and capacities in machinery and equipment, a significant contribution is made in our success to complete all tasks.