History of the company

Long ago in 1964, Mr STIPE RADIĆ with the help of this wife ANĐA founded a private under the name of “Molersko-fabarska radnja vl. Radić Stipe” with its headquarters in Prozor (RAMA), intersection Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In 1970, in difficult circumstances for the survival of Croatian families in the area of Rama and the whole of Herzegovina, Stipe Radić with his numerous-numbered family moved to Zagreb, and continued with his private trade business in the painting business and raised his family that has become in his business path and success a firm reliance and strong support.

In 1992, Dragan Radić, the son of Stipe and Anđa, following completion of studies at the faculty of civil engineering, founded a construction company called GRADITELJ SVRATIŠTA d.o.o., continuing the many years of the family tradition in the building industry which had successfully been doing business for over 28 years.

Stipe Radić

Trade certificate:
“Molersko-farbarska radnja vl. Radić Stipe”

Within the company since 2001, two shops have been doing business – retail and wholesale (“Paints and lacquers” Ilica 133 and “Tools and fixings” Ilica 180a), which in its assortment offers products from all leading Croatian and foriegn manufacturers of paints, lacquers, tools, bolts and fixings, with special affordable prices for all contractual partners.

In 2004, the company G.S. USLUGE d.o.o. was founded with its business directed towards offering hospitality services, accommodation services for people and catering, as well as cleaning buildings.

In 2009, the business segment related to providing services in the construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure was formed as a separate company G.S. TELEKOM d.o.o., all with the aim of raising the quality in the provision of all services.

Today, the company GRADITELJ SVRATIŠTA d.o.o. with its related companies employs over 350 workers, has a vehicle fleet of over 160 vehicle units and construction machinery. It also possesses its own fully equipped joinery workshop, and workshop for the production of aluminium and ferrous metallurgy works, such as the electrical and mechanical workshop.

The business success through all these years has been the result of knowledge, common work and endeavours, including experience and professionalism shown by all our employees. Continual tracking of technological breakthroughs and continual investing of endeavours and resources in renewing the structure and capacity of machinery and equipment, has significantly contributed to our success.