Our key values


We are national builders

We build and maintain buildings and infrastructural structures throughout Croatia. We do this by managing projects from Zagreb, where our headquarters are located, and the regional offices in Osijek, Split and Rijeka.

Quality, security and environmental protection are the basis of our work. A safe construction site is a clean and organised site. This leads to quality that removes the necessity for repairs of undertaken work. High standards to which we adhere have facilitated us in becoming amongst the first in the profession to introduce high international standards in construction and maintenance.

The quality management system – HRN EN ISO 9001:2002, the Environmental Protection Management System – ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 / 2007 and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Our complete quality management system reflects on a series of added value for all those participating in undertaking construction projects.

Taj naš sustav normi upravljanja kvalitetom omogućuje mnoge dodatne vrijednosti svima koji sudjeluju u realizaciji građevinskih projekata.


For investors

A clear plan and documentation of the detailed design project facilitates making decisions on an investment and provides security in the value of its undertaking. Our complete quality management system undoubtedly leads towards this goal. It reduces construction costs, reduces construction deadlines, simplifies the handover and facilitates the acquirement of the occupancy permit. Also, after commencing use of the premises – it reduces maintenance.


For design engineers

The value of well developed detailed design documentation and precisely planned working phase (deadlines) assists in supervising and reduces the need for additional information and verifications. This removes the need for changes during the implementation phase and in the end facilitates the approval of undertaken works.

For sub-contractors

The value of a clear working plan and its quality planning in undertaking facilitates sub-contractors and equipment suppliers to plan and better understand their obligations. This creates better quality  cooperation and precisely determines the expected quality of their work.

For the end user

The value of finished works within planned deadlines and at a high quality, and later reduced maintenance including the positive impressions that are created due to a quality undertaken project, is a confirmation and reward to the investor for all his previous decisions.


For the future

A socially sustainable construction industry for us is not merely ‘painting green’. We have always adopted new technologies that contribute to well-being. And not only in the material sense. Because the comfort we feel in ourselves and in nature on account of a user-friendly building has a special value.

Simply said, quality is not only technical. It offers numerous experiences. That is why our management of it is equally directed also to the respect of man and nature. New construction technologies, construction materials, insulation and air-conditioning that are used, even colours, offer therefore a solution that functions as a business reply for a better future. A sustainable future.