The quality policies at Graditelj svratišta


Business activity

Graditelj svratišta bavi se izvođenjem građevinskih, obrtničkih i instalaterskih radova u niskogradnji i visokogradnji, izvođenjem radova na telekomunikacijskim mrežama te pružanjem usluga upravljanja i održavanja objekata.

Fundamental values

Our work is based on fundamental values:


Creation of new values – Benefits to the user – Innovation – Respect – Integrity – Top quality



Our vision is to become a market leader in the development and undertaking of construction, trade and installation services – orientated towards the user and possessing a high quality.



The mission of Graditelj svratišta is to provide construction, trade and installation services through orders received by foreign customers, while the latest technologies and quality of service for our partners creates competitive advantage.





In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen these values, we continually endeavour to:

employ professional and ambitious personnel that will have the opportunity to continually develop and perfect themselves, procure the most modern IT and communication resources and other equipment, provide customers/investors with optimal and holistic solutions, nurture and develop partnerships with customers and suppliers, place ambitious, measurable and achievable goals, apply and continually improve an effective management system based on requirements from the international standard ISO 9001, ensure worker health and environmental protection and therefore fulfil our role towards the wider social community.


Zagreb, 15th March 2010                                                                                 Company Director:

                                                                                                                          Dragan Radić, B.E. (civil)