The construction industry

Construction is the oldest and most significant branch of engineering. People have always endeavoured to ensure that they and their ‘family’ have a comfortable, warm and dry home .

Since the very beginning of its existence and work, the company Graditelj svratišta has successfully developed and conducted construction activities, covering many civil engineering projects, and applying the latest achievements in construction as applied sciences as it is by its own definition.

In applying construction techniques and skills from the gifts of nature, original or processed, we plan and design the production of new creations, handing them over to our clients (present and future generations) so that they many use them in the long-term.

The construction department functions as a particular department but is also a continual support to the management and maintenance of property, and activities relating to the construction of telecommunications infrastructure. In undertaking its business, they are complemented by creating therefore a unique system with a complete service based on a one-stop-shop approach, all with the aim of providing complete and timely services to the satisfaction of those using our services.