Facility management

With the desire to provide our clients with a holistic and fully integrated service in maintaining their valuable real estate, we have developed a facility management (FM) service. Today, we are one of the leading companies in the facility management industry in the Republic of Croatia.

With the aim of ensuring a comfortable and secure, living and working environment, and allowing all primary business processes within a particular organisation to be conducted in an unhindered manner, along with an optimal synergy effect between financing and operational activities, our FM department will provide the following:

  • Placement and management of the complete organisation in facility management of property and technical systems of various complexity, conditions of use, budgeting and other requirements by owners/users
  • Planning and monitoring all activities and maintenance costs,
  • Compiling implementation plans,
  • Analysis of the existing state of equipment with recommendations for improvements with the aim of increasing quality and optimising costs,
  • Timely and precise reporting to the Client using an established information system CAFMS – Computer Aided Facility Management System,
  • Continual coordination with the Client's authorised representatives.

With the use of particular skills and knowledge at the disposal of our employees, and the technology from the management and maintenance of property and technical systems, business management, process management, resources, etc., we are in the position of guaranteeing all our contractual users access (call centre 0-24 hours), timeliness (2 hours to any location within the Republic of Croatia) and quality (our own employees), maximum support (technical and operational) in the period prior to, during and following conducted works and/or provision of services.

Fundamental goals

The fundamental goals which we want to attain in managing and maintaining property are:

  1. Achieving complete satisfaction for service users
  2. Preserving and raising the value of property
  3. Increasing the quality of living
  4. Continual improvement in the quality of service
  5. Long-term business cooperation with our partners
  6. Becoming renowned as the most qualified, most reliable and best quality company in the facility management segment

All the activities we conduct in the FM segment are in compliance with the standards HRN 15221-1:2008 and HRN EN 15221-2:2008 (FM standards), as well as the systems HRN EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

More on the activities and processes that are conducted in terms of technical and infrastructural management and maintenance of property can be read under the following titles.