Managing residential premises

Here , we would like to present our services for the management and maintenance of property and the management of common residential fees for residential-business premises, for which we are registered in accordance with the Act on Ownership and Other Actual Rights (Official Gazette 91/96, 68/98, 137/99, 22/00, 73/00, 114/01, 79/06, 141/09, 146/08, 38/09, 153/09).

The advantages of our offers

In terms of regular building management, we would like to point out some of the advantages we provide:

  • Opening a special bank account for the building, allowing separation of the company’s business from the funds stemming from common residential fees of every residential building,
  • Total transparency in business, regular and up-to-date financial reports, with the use of telephone and internet banking (as requested, each co-owner representative can have a direct insight into the residential fees account at the bank)
  • Low costs for management and maintenance – our own tradespersons throughout the whole region of the Republic of Croatia
  • On-call for emergency interventions HELP DESK – Call Centre, every day 0-24 hours (telephone, facsimile, e-mail)
  • Conducting all types of repairs and works on building maintenance
  • Other additional services and procurements for the buildings (cleaning stairways and hallways, procurement of equipment and inventory, other specialised servicing and services...)
  • Professional building inspections
  • Preventive building maintenance in order to reduce maintenance costs
  • Drawing up yearly and multi-year management and maintenance programs
  • Drawing up bill of items (cost estimation) and professional technical assistance (civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers)
  • Contracting building insurance with insurance companies
  • Our own legal services for legal advice as well as professional assistance in drawing up all the necessary documentation

Other jobs

Besides all the jobs involved in regular management of residential buildings, as ordered by the co-owners, we will carry out all other (emergency) works, and can undertake the following:

  • Favourable conditions for the procurement of consumable materials and minor inventory in our shops,
  • Investment maintenance of buildings along with financial agency at the commercial banks,
  • Possibility of making deferred payments or paying in instalments,
  • Advice and information on opportunities for co-financing particular investment works (facade, opening, etc.) by local towns, ministries or funds, and agency in such particular activities.

Check out what
benefits we offer

With the desire of providing optimal quality services in management and maintenance, we are ready to accept your recommendations and ideas, and in order to provide you with additional explanations and assist you in resolving all issues in a building, we recommend that you visit our building or visit one of our offices.

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