Our work is based on creating new values, directed towards the user and the environment.

To achieve, maintain and strengthen those values, we are continually committed to employing professional and ambitious personnel who have the opportunity but also the obligation to undergo continual development and training; gather the most modern information and communication resources including other types of equipment; offer customers and larger clientsoptimal and comprehensive solutions, nurture and develop partner relationships with customers and suppliers; set ourselves ambition but possible goals; apply and continually approve an effective management system based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, as well as work safety and environmental protection.

This enables us to fulfil tasks for the wider community.

Work safety and environmental protection

To protect the health of all our employees, we have introduced and implemented within our business system the Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on standard ISO 45001.

The aim of implementing the mentioned standard is to provide a safe and healthy working environment, prevent injuries at work and illnesses, as well as continually improving occupational health and safety.

Conscious of the importance of caring for the environment, and aiming for environmental protection within our corporate system, we have introduced and implemented standard ISO 14001. The aim of implementing the mentioned standard is more effective management of environmental aspects relating to all business activities, while at the same time taking into account environmental protection, prevention of pollution and community-economic needs. Responsible behaviour towards the environment when undertaking any business activities is the basis of a better future for everyone.

In May 2019, the company had the validity of both mentioned certificates prolonged

Society and the community

Graditelj svratišta has a long tradition of making donations and corporate social responsibility, and therefore supporting and encouraging various segments of society. The company supports a wide spectrum of humanitarian, educational, as well as cultural and sporting institutions throughout Croatia.

Just as does the company, its employees also participate in donations to the neediest in our society during the holding of charity raffles each year when all company employees gather together.