An adequate number of construction machinery and equipment, including a large vehicle fleet (trucks of various sizes) enable us to quickly undertake works in civil engineering in a quality manner, as well as other independent project tasks or those in terms of achieving building construction projects.

Professional and trained workers will complete works within given project and planned deadlines in compliance to all rules of the construction profession and handover such works for long-term use.


We offer a wide assortment of services relating to the fabrication and assembly of steel structures. The assortment includes:

  • Various structures, substructures and static reinforcement of concrete structures
  • Canopies in combination with other materials such as metal sheeting, glass, polycarbonate panels
  • Windows and doors including the ability to install access control systems
  • Railings and fencing for various purposes and composition such as glass, steel profiles, panels, sheeting and net-extruded
  • Yard doors such as pedestrian, sliding, double wing - motorised for opening and closing, access control
  • Protective grills and the like
  • Ventilate facades from Fundermax compact NT panels on a steel substructure

Steel structures are made from integral components such as pipes, special profiles, sheeting, with segments mutually connected using a process of welding or bolting, depending on the requirement. The welding processes that we use are manual metal arc (MMA) welding and MAG welding.

All cleaned of rust, greased, covered with a primer, and then a lacquer colour according to the RAL chart as selected by the client. If needed, hot dip galvanization or plasticization protection is possible, ensuring many years of corrosion protection.

The production process is adapted to the needs and requirements of clients. The works take place in our workshop or directly on site, depending on production possibilities.

Our know-how, many years of experience and professionalism guarantees the quality of our work and adherence to set deadlines.


Besides the mentioned service offered by our iron and steel metalworks department, a particular part of our services comprises systems for construction purposes which refers to various types of aluminium structures used in construction.

Our wide assortment of products comprising aluminium profiles includes:

  • Entrance doors,
  • Balcony doors,
  • Windows,
  • Partition walls,
  • Sliding walls,
  • Façade walls,
  • Roller shutters, window insect screens, exterior Venetian blinds

The aluminium profiles we use for manufacturing the mentioned products come from renowned manufacturers (Feal, AluK and Schüco).

Prior to actual production, all measures on the premises are checked. Windows, doors and partitions are glazed with insulation glass comprising two or more glass panels, and the air space between is filled with a gas in order to achieve the requirement thermal insulation properties. In addition to glass material, straight aluminium and also PVC panels are used and along with the requirements for acoustic and thermal insulation, also meet safety requirements.

Depending on the requirements, various types of profiles are used. One group includes profiles with broken thermal bridging, which besides strength, load bearing abilities and shaping possibilities, is also characterised by its thermal insulation properties used in instances when high thermal insulation requirements are necessary. The second group includes profiles without broken thermal bridging (cold profiles) and are used in interiors and on premises when high thermal insulation requirements are not sought.

Plasticisation is possible in all colours from the RAL chart as well as anodization.

A large number of implemented projects back over the decade ranging from residential buildings, medical facilities and petrol stations have been the best indicators of our excellence.


Our carpentry workshop manufactures all types of custom-made furniture, including treatment of wood and other material, and can also offer:

  • Production of custom-made panel-type furniture – kitchens, office furniture, drawer chests, closets, tables and the like and equipped with the most modern hingers (selected by the client).
  • Production of sliding and folding partitions that serve as partition walls for meeting halls
  • Production of façade single and double-wing windows, as well as lacquering in a lacquer workshop using a high-pressure procedure
  • Production of internal and room doors with header and jamb (door fill made from honeycomb paper and extruded plywood). The header and jambs are made from MDF or solid wood. We also do veneering of door leaves and various elements along with appropriate surface treatment as requested by the client.
  • Production of toilet cubicles made from HPL panels (specific type selected by the client)
  • We do repairs and customization of existing façade and interior windows, as well as existing ones
  • Flooring works – installing new solid and multi-layer covering as well as maintenance of older floor coverings.

The company does electrical installations on commercial, industrial and residential facilities.

Given our many years of experience and know-how in the area of our profession, we are also able to provide the following works:

  • Production and assembly of distribution cabinets
  • Production and maintenance of all types of electrical installations
  • Production, measuring and testing of lightning arrestor systems
  • Production of intercoms and antenna systems
  • Production of fire alarm systems
  • Production and maintenance of diesel-electric generators and UPS
  • Production and maintenance of public lighting
  • Production and maintenance of optical installations
  • Measuring and testing electrical installations
  • Measuring, installing and maintaining explosion proof installations

To ensure the highest level of quality and services in the area of our expertise, we have at our disposal a team of experts – electrical engineers who have passed the state qualification exam, enrolled into the Registry of Certified Construction Managers before the Croatian Chamber of Electrical Engineers, as well as young, experienced technicians and installers in the electrical profession.

In undertaking works, we have at our disposal all the necessary working machinery, tools and measuring instruments.

The quality of company operations is confirmed by the certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SCC as well as number references from clients.


In terms of construction, extensions and reconstruction of residential and commercial buildings, kindergarten nurseries, hospitals and hotels, as well as other facilities, we carry out works on furbishing buildings with mechanical equipment and installations (along with linking up to the central supervisory and control system) as well as plumbing installations.

  • Heating, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Gas installations
  • Medical and industrial gas installations
  • Delivery of sanitary equipment
  • Distribution of sanitary and technical lines
  • Systems for distribution of drainage and sewage within buildings
  • Distribution of external canal network along with wastewater treatment
  • Hydrant systems
  • Sprinkler systems

In terms of construction, extensions and reconstructions of petrol stations, we do

  • Installing technologies for gas
  • LPG installations
  • Installing facilities which provide petrol stations with additional amenities (shops, toilet facilities, Fresh Corner franchise)
  • Devising the main design and drawing up documentation for carrying out construction
  • Delivery, assembly, commissioning of equipment and training of personnel to handle and maintain equipment
  • Carrying out installation works and connecting mechanical equipment and plumbing systems
  • Organizing all lawfully stipulated testing along with the issuing of valid attests and certificates necessary for proving fitness of use (technical inspection), effectiveness of equipment, noise, working environment, devices posing heightened danger, safe sanitary water, and the like.