Basic values

Our work is based on creation of new values, directed to the user, innovation, integrity and quality.

In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen these values, we continually endeavour to: employ professional and ambitious personnel that will have the opportunity to continually develop and perfect themselves, procure the most modern IT and communication resources and other equipment, provide customers/investors with optimal and holistic solutions, nurture and develop partnerships with customers and suppliers, place ambitious, measurable and achievable goals, apply and continually improve an effective management system based on requirements from the international standard ISO 9001, ensure worker health and environmental protection and therefore fulfil our role towards the wider social community.

In this way, we fulfill the task towards the wider social community.

In order to ensure the quality of our services in the field of construction and maintenance of residential, commercial and public buildings, construction and construction of industrial plants, construction and reconstruction of roads, construction of water supply and sewerage, construction works, maintenance of watercourses, construction, maintenance and reconstruction of telecommunications networks , deratization, disinfection and disinsection services, winter service, hygienic cleaning services, horticultural and other landscaping works, we have introduced and implemented the following international standards in our business system:

  • Quality management system, standard ISO 9001
  • Environmental protection management system, standard ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System, standard ISO 45001
  • SCCP certificate
  • Business security certificate

In May 2019, the company Graditelj svratišta d.o.o. extended the validity of its certificates for the following quality management systems: Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Effective Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001). Certification was conducted by the company TÜV NORD. Our company has always placed utmost quality among its other values because only authentic quality is the key to success. We believe that all who, like us, value themselves and, above all, their work should continually improve their quality management system. We have received the ISO 9001 certificate applicable for all types of products, services and legal organisations throughout the work as an authentic verification of that process.

The ISO 14001 certificate is recognition that we rationally utilise resources, take care of the environment and prevent its contamination. In addition, the certificate ISO 45001 confirms that Graditelj svratišta primarily takes care of its employees, whereby it proactively ensures occupational and health safety for each of them.

At the start of 2017, the company and employees underwent certification based on the SCCP standard - Occupational Safety Certification in the Field of Petrochemicals. The system underwent recertification in 2019.

Besides investing in systems to ensure the quality of our processes, the company also invests in business system security. Hence, in adhering to current stipulations on information security, we have fulfilled all stipulations and acquired a business security certificate, acquiring the conditions for concluding and implementing classical contracts.

Nonetheless, the company’s adaptation and manner of doing business to acquire the business security certificate has definitely improved and advanced our business operations, primarily in protecting confidential information stemming from the implementation of contracts. Consequently, all our partners can feel secure in knowing that all confidential information from our business relationships remains protected.

We hope that this has validated the trust given to us by our partners and that we have helped our future partners choose us.

Furthermore, the company Graditelj svratišta d.o.o. holds the following authorisations for specific work:

  • Approval from the Ministry of Culture given to the company Graditelj svratišta d.o.o. for conducting activities in protection and preservation of cultural heritage assets, and the undertaking of construction works on cultural heritage property.
  • Approval from the Agency for Areas at Risk of Explosive Atmospheres (Ex-Agency) for undertaking work in maintaining electricity generation, electrical instrumentation and non-electrical equipment.
  • Approval from the Agency for Areas at Risk of Explosive Atmospheres (Ex-Agency) for undertaking works, measurements and electrical installations.
  • Approval from the Ministry of Protection of the Environment and Nature for undertaking activities in collecting, validating, rolling out, installation and maintenance or servicing of cooler and air conditioner devices and equipment, heat pumps that contain substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases or depend on them.
  • Approval from the Zagreb City Gasworks to undertake works in the operational area A and B for gas installations of all sizes depending on the type and size of gas meters, power of the boiler or gas facility.